Announcement about misuse of Ulvac Logo, Trademark with our ex-freelancers’ serious mistake

Dear customer.

We are ULVAC.VN (U.L.V.A.C), a non-profit website that share U.L.V.A.C Techniques. These techniques are about how to consult technical and industrial solutions.

U.L.V.A.C is the abbreviation of:

  • U – Ưu điểm
  • L – Liên tục
  • V – Vững tin
  • A – An tâm
  • C – Chuẩn hóa

In the past, some ex-freelancers used the Ulvac Group Logo, trademark but has not received approval from the Ulvac. Inc.

We confirm that we do not have any relationship with the ULVAC. Inc., in all respects, including ownership, partnership and other relationships.

We has reviewed and corrected to ensure avoiding the use of the Ulvac Logo, Trademark without the consent of Ulvac. Inc in the future. We promise that there will be no misuse of Ulvac Logo, Trademark in the future from our Marketing activities.

We sincerely apologize to the Ulvac Group. Inc about errors in the management of Marketing activities of your ex-freelancers.

Thank you very much.